Windows 7 VS Windows 10: Why Windows 10 Worths Upgrade?

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Windows 7 VS Windows 10: Why Windows 10 Worths Upgrade?
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Windows 7 had been popular for years and was once the No.1 desktop operating system choice in the world. Despite that Microsoft ended its support for Windows 7 on Jan. 14, 2020, a lot of users stick to using Windows 7 while a great number of users go for Windows 10.

For those who are still running Windows 7 on their computer, should they continue or should they upgrade? Is Windows 10 better than Windows 7? To identify, we had better get some knowledge of Windows 7 VS Windows 10.

The new things in Windows 10 #

Notifications, Search, and Cortana is the most obvious changes to most users for they appear on the desktop. Windows 7 also has the notification window but it just appears in the taskbar; Windows 10 sets up a whole area to show all notifications as well as some quick settings.

Windows 10 notification center

In Windows 7, the search bar is set aside the Start menu, while in Windows 10, you have two options to search: the search bar and the voice assistant Cortana. Cortana is exclusive to Windows 10. Like Siri, it assists Windows 10 users to keep up with the weather, the calendar, the news, and anything a voice assistant can do for the users.

Windows 10 Search and Cortana

The colorful Start menu also brings a perfect visual experience. The left panel displays all the programs while the right panel shows the applications you might use often. Windows 10 users are enabled to add or delete the one they prefer or dislike.

Support and security #

Windows 10 keeps protecting computers through Windows Security and offers the latest antivirus protection. Since Microsoft is no longer providing updates for Windows 7, upgrading to Windows 10 is the best choice to stay safe, especially for the business users managing point-of-sale systems.

Windows Security

Also, Edge (legacy Edge) comes with Windows 10 and is now gradually upgraded to the new Chromium Edge, which is safer and easier to use for both personal and business users.

Compatibility #

Despite the safety concern, the new Microsoft apps such as Office 2019 do not support Windows 7. Windows 7 VS Windows 10 gaming is more telling. As we know, Windows 10 comes with an Xbox app allowing users to stream content from an Xbox One over to a PC and keep tabs on Xbox Live content. Outside of that, Windows 10 supports DirectX 12 that helps render video and audio in Windows 10.

Saying that more applications are still available for both Windows 7 and Windows 10. This advantage is decisive or ignorable for different users.

Wrapping things up #

From the perspective of new features, safety, and compatibility, Windows 10 brings something new and has continued support from Microsoft. From all aspects, windows 10 is doing better than windows 7. Now it is time to go for Windows 10.

Windows 10 VS Windows 7, which is good for you? It is time to upgrade to Window 10 now!