How to Customize File Explorer’s Quick Access Toolbar Windows 10/11

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How to Customize File Explorer’s Quick Access Toolbar Windows 10/11
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If you are using Windows 11 or Windows 10, each time when you open File Explorer, you will be led to Quick Access and see a list of recently used folders appearing there. In fact, this list can change as you open different folders each time, and Windows 10 makes it show there for you to make quick access.

Where Is Windows 10/11 Quick Access Toolbar #

When you are in the File Explorer, the first item in the left panel is Quick Access. It gives you direct access to Desktop, Downloads, Documents, and Pictures.

You can also make some changes to its settings. Hover your mouse to the top left corner where you are able to see a drop-down option. Click on it and then you can see a Customize Quick Access Toolbar tap, you can then make some changes to the File Explorer.

quick access toolbar Windows 10

How to Use Quick Access Toolbar Windows 10/11 #

#1. Pin/Unpin Folders to Quick Access

To pin a folder to Quick Access is easy. Right-click on the folder you want to pin and choose Pin to Quick Access from the context menu.

Pin a folder to Quick Access from context menu

Or, click on the folder you would prefer for quick access, then click Home on the menu bar, and finally select Pin to Quick Access

go to the File Explorer menu to pin a folder to quick access

To unpin a folder from Windows 10 Quick Access, go to Quick Access to find the target folder. Right-click on it and select Unpin from Quick Access.

#2. Change the location of the Quick Access Menu

The quick Access menu includes three features: show properties, create a new folder, and Customize the Quick Access Toolbar. By default, Quick Access is located above the File Explorer Ribbon. But you can change its location.

To change the position of Quick Access Toolbar Windows 10:

Click the drop-down menu and choose Show below the Ribbon. Then you will see the whole menu is located below the ribbon.

change the location of Quick Access menu

#3. Show More Buttons to Quick Access Menu

In fact, Windows 10 Quick Access menu can include more than three features, as long as you check more options from its settings. From the drop-down menu, check to Undo, Redo, Delete, Rename, and you can see more options from the top left menu bar.

add more options to the top menu

#4. Add Extra Buttons to Quick Access

If you want more options from the Quick Access Menu, you can follow this way.

Select a folder to invoke the available settings, right-click on a setting and choose to Add to Quick Access Toolbar. Once done, you will see that option is showing up in the Quick Access Menu bar.

add other options to Quick Access menu

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#5. Reset Quick Access Toolbar

When you do not want the multiple changes to the Windows 10 Quick Access settings, or when there is something wired to the Quick Access settings, you can quickly do a reset by changing the registry.

Press Win+R keys to invoke the Run dialog box. Then type and run regedit.exe to launch the Registry Editor. Now navigate to the following location:


Now select the QatItems DWORD (which saves all current settings) and delete it. Restart your computer and all your Quick Access Toolbar settings are reset.

reset Quick Access toolbar settings
Check out the way to customize file explorer quick access toolbar in Windows 10 and have a try!