My Mouse Keeps Freezing Windows 10, How Do I Fix?

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My Mouse Keeps Freezing Windows 10, How Do I Fix?
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Why does my mouse keeps freezing? #

Why your mouse freezes? According to users report, Windows mouse freezes for a few seconds issue can happen on Windows 10 and is closely related to multiple mouse drivers.  And the similar issues can be cursor freezes Windows 10, cursor jumps, and cursor disappearing.

And to fix mouse freezing, you will have the following solutions to try.

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Best solutions to fix mouse freezing #

Tip: before you start, try connecting with another mouse. Check out if the new connected mouse works normally now. If the new mouse also freezes, then you can follow the guide below to fix mouse freezing issue.

#1. Uninstall your mouse driver

Right-click the Windows logo key and choose Device Manager. When you are in, scroll down to find the Mice and other pointing devices option. Now expand this column and find your mouse driver to uninstall it. Confirm your selection when prompted and restart your computer.

uninstall mouse device and reinstall

Next time when you r computer reboots, Windows will automatically detects your mouse and reinstall the mouse driver for you device.

We highly recommend that you use professional Windows driver update software to help you deal with such kind of issues. With 4,500,000+ drivers supported, IObit Driver Booster can quickly detect and update all outdated, mismatched, missing driver in a few click.

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#2. Disable additional mouse driver

If you find more than one mouse drive listed there, you are suggested to find the unnecessary one and disable it. Also follow any instruction to finish your operation.

disable mouse device

#3. Change your mouse pointer options

To change mouse pointer options, you will need to find your mouse properties first of all.

Go to Control Panel (if you cannot find it, use Windows Search to help), view by larger icons and select Mouse. You should be in mouse properties window now and you are able to navigate to Pointer Options.

Now you can try the following settings one by one to check if mouse keeps freezing Windows 10:

  1. Disable the Enhance pointer precision feature.
  2. Uncheck the box next to Hide pointer while typing.

You will need to confirm by clicking the Apply and then OK button.

change Pointer Options

#4. Roll back to the previous driver

If your mouse keeps freezing Windows 10 just at the time when you have updated your mouse driver, you have an option to go back to the previous driver.

This can be completed at Windows Device Manager. Located your mouse drive and double click on it. Then under the Driver tab, select Roll Back Driver and follow the instruction to continue.

roll back mouse driver

#5. Remove security software

As we found many users also reported that their Windows 10 mouse freezes with third-party anti-spyware or antivirus softer, you can feel free to try reinstalling such security software.

You will be able to uninstall by following this path: Control panel > Programs > Uninstall a program > find the suspicious program and right click on it > choose Uninstall > Follow the wizard to finish.

However, if you mouse keeps freezing Windows 10 after carrying these work, you may need to consult a Windows Technician to analyze your issue. 

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For more useful guide, go ahead and browse our hardware fix page. To share your suggestion with us, feel free to leave comments below.

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