How to Install and Remove Fonts on Windows 10 [Quick Guide]

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How to Install and Remove Fonts on Windows 10 [Quick Guide]
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Since the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, the Windows operating system allows users to install new fonts on Windows 10. You will find the related by heading to this path: Settings -> Personalization > Fonts. Here is a simple guide to lead you through “how to install fonts Windows 10”.

Windows fonts settings

How to Install Fonts in Windows 10 #

Usually, Windows 10 will list all the available fonts on your computer. You can go through all the fonts to check if you have already installed the one you want.

If you would prefer to install new fonts, here is what you need to do:

Step 1. Go to Settings -> Personalization > Fonts, then select Get more fonts in Microsoft Store.

click get more fonts in Microsoft store

Step 2. Then you are led to the Microsoft Store, where you can see a list of fonts. To install fonts in Windows 10, click on the font you want to continue.

select the desired font

Step 3. In the next window, select the Get option. Then Windows will start to download the font and have it automatically installed and appear in the Settings. In this way, you have the new font installed on your Windows 10.

get the new font

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How to Install Fonts for Other Languages #

Usually, Windows only installs the language your Operating system is using. For example, if you are using English as the default language, then all fonts Windows installs are the Latin character set.

If you would prefer fonts for other languages, you can do the following:

Go to Settings -> Personalization > Fonts, then select Download fonts for all languages. Be aware that these fonts will take some of your hard drive space, so do not install unless you really need them.

download fonts for all languages

How to Uninstall Fonts in Windows 10 #

To uninstall fonts on the Windows system, also go to system settings and switch to Fonts. View and find the font you do not need actually, select it with the left mouse button.

select the font you want to abandon

In the next window, click Uninstall. Be careful to remove any fonts for doing this may cause some of your applications to work improperly.

uninstall a font from Windows 10
Follow the guide here to install fonts on your Windows 10 quickly!

Wrapping It Up #

Now I guess you know how to install fonts on Windows 10. Just have a try to install and remove the fonts you want or dislike. If you have any nice suggestions, leave comments below to help more users.