How to update your video card drivers in Windows 10 [Automatically & Manually ]?

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How to update your video card drivers in Windows 10 [Automatically & Manually ]?
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When device drivers are outdated, computers can be getting sluggish and cause noticeable performance problems… When graphic card drivers are out-of-date, computer performance is largely affected which can be a serious annoyance. Getting your computer drivers properly updated helps your computer run smoothly. We introduce the common solutions to update video card drivers in Windows 10.

Option 1: Update video drivers automatically #

Most of the time, we prefer automatic solutions to fix various computer problems. To fix outdated graphics card drivers in Windows 10, we highly suggest using Use IObit Driver Booster which supports more than 3,500,000 device drivers and game components for top PC performance. All downloads come from the official manufacturers’ websites and have passed the Microsoft WHQL test. 

IObit Driver Booster can detect and update all these drivers automatically through simple settings. Hence, you don’t even need to bother whether your drivers are the latest and how to get the latest drivers.

Here is the guide to update graphic card drivers:

1. Run IObit Driver Booster and allow automatic scanning. In a while, you will see a full list showing you what drivers need to be updated and what else is up-to-date.

2. Scroll down to find your video driver and view its current state. If it is out-of-date, click the Update button and follow the prompts to continue. If it is already the newest, you can continually update the other drivers.

use Driver Booster to update video card drivers

Well, that is easy for all of us. But if you would like to have a graphic card updated within Windows Update, you can follow our next instructions.

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10 Best Driver Updater for Windows (Free & Paid) - 2021 Update

If you are looking for a reliable driver updater, feel free to get the any of the best driver update software listed in this article…

Option 2: Update Graphics Card Driver through Windows Update #

Windows 10 provides a way to update video drivers. Also, all the drivers offered here come from the manufactures’ websites and the operations are easy to grasp.

1. Right-click the Windows logo key and choose Device Manager.

2. When you are in the main interface, find and expand the Display adaptors item. Right-click on the graphic driver and choose the Update driver option. (If you have dual graphics cards, you will need to check and update both.)

choose the update driver option

3. Next you see the options to search for drivers. Select the first one to let Windows find the latest driver software for your device.

let Windows to search automatically for video card drivers

One drawback of using Windows Update to update drivers is that Windows might fail to find the latest driver for you. And if you are prompted, you will still have to go to the manufactures’ site to download and install the latest driver by yourself.

Option 3: Update video drivers from manufacturers #

There are three kinds of graphic cards and they are AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel.  No matter which one your device is built with, you can double-check and download the latest drivers directly from the hardware vendor.

To download the correct drivers from the graphics card manufacturer, you need to know the graphics card model and the specific Windows version.

1. To know your graphics card model, look at the name of the graphics card under the Device Manager > Display adapters. Then you can download the drivers from the Support page. 

2. click here to check your computer specification.

3. On the Support page of each manufacture, find the correct driver version for your video card driver update.

3 great solutions to update graphic card drivers!