How to Uninstall Avast on Windows 10 Computers [Detailed Images]

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How to Uninstall Avast on Windows 10 Computers [Detailed Images]
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While Avast is being one of the best, some Windows 10 users tend to rely on the built-in Windows Defender for computer safety. If you are among those who want to uninstall Avast from Windows 10, here is the ultimate guide that you can follow without any difficulty.

How to Uninstall Avast on Windows 10 #

Step 1. Launch Avast to get its main interface. From the upper right corner, go to Menu.

Avast menu

Step 2. From the Menu options, choose Settings.

go to Avast settings

Step 3. On the first General tab, switch to Troubleshooting where you are expected to UNCHECK an option called Enable Self-Defense.

uncheck the Enable Self-Defense option

Step 4. Next, you will be asked to confirm that you want to disable the Self-Defense. From this window, choose OK, DISABLE.

confirm that you want to disable Self-Defense

Step 5. Now go to Windows 10 Search bar and input Programs. From the best match, choose Add or remove programs.

go to the setting to Add or remove programs

Step 6. Under the default Apps & features, scroll down the list to find Avast. Then, right-click on it and choose Uninstall. A notification windows will pop up telling that all the app’s related will be uninstalled. Just click Uninstall to confirm you want to do that.

choose Uninstall Avast option
confirm to uninstall the related

Step 7. To allow the Avast Antivirus Installer to make changes to your device, click Yes in the new pop-up window.

click Yes to allow Avast Installer to makes changes to your PC

Step 8. Next, you will see the installation interface of Avast where you need to choose UNINSTALL.

choose UNINSTALL on Avast

Step 9. In the next pop-up window, click Yes to allow the attempt to uninstall Avast.

allow the attempt to uninstall Avast

Step 10. Form now on, you just wait for the uninstalling process to go over. You can also answer some questions to give Avast feedback. When Avast is uninstalled, you can also restart computer to clear all remaining files in the directory immediately.

Avast is being uninstalled
restart computer to clear all remaining files

These are all about how to uninstall Avast on Windows 10. If you are looking for a way to Avast uninstall, don’t hesitate to have a try.

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Uninstall Avast FAQ #

Is Avast a malware?

As antivirus, Avast used to be a good program. It detects and remove hidden malware, viruses, spyware from your devices. Today, Avast exposes privacy issues and tend to lag your PC performance. From some perspective, it is indeed malware.

Is Avast better than McAfee?

Data shows Avast and McAfee both have a large number of users. In some comparisons Avast has the upper hand while in some other McAfee is more popular. It is on your preference to tell which is better.

Is Avast really free?

Avast Free Antivirus is a good free antivirus software programs you can download. But as we know, freeware comes with much limited functions. To get the most comprehensive protection, users are expected to make an upgrade to premium editions.