How to Turn off/Temporarily Disable Windows Defender Windows 10

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How to Turn off/Temporarily Disable Windows Defender Windows 10
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Windows Defender (also known as Microsoft Defender) is a built-in antivirus solution to prevent your computer from getting infected further leading to system abnormal and data loss. Despite it is easy to use and useful, sometimes you may need to disable Windows Defender for a while. In this case, how to turn off Windows Defender?

Discover and try the following easy solution!

How to Turn Off Windows Defender #

WARNING: Without effective antivirus software, your computer is easy to get infected. Please be sure that there is no data loss to fear about or you always have a good solution for disaster recovery.

Step 1. Go to Windows 10 Settings. You can right-click the Windows Start icon and then select Settings, or you can simply press Win + I keys to invoke.

Step 2. Next, find Update and Security at the bottom of the settings page.

go to Windows Settings and choose Update & Privacy

Step 3. Navigate to Windows Security on the left panel and then scroll down the right panel to choose Virus & threat protection.

choose Virus and threat protection

Step 4. Under Virus & threat protection settings, click on Manage settings.

choose Manage settings

Step 5. Finally, toggle the Real-time protection button from On to OFF.

toggle the real-time protection button to OFF

You see, the Real-time protection of Windows Defender is OFF now.

Real-time protection is OFF
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I believe now you can easily disable Windows Defender on Windows 10. Next time if you want to revert, you just go to the same location but choose the Turn on option.

turn Windows Defender ON
How to turn on Windows Defender? You get the best way!