[Guide] How to Screenshot on a Dell Computer Running Windows?

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[Guide] How to Screenshot on a Dell Computer Running Windows?
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If you want to take a screenshot on a Dell desktop, laptop, or tablet computer system, there’s always an easy solution. In this post, we describe how to screenshot on Dell without installing any third-party program.

How to Screen on Dell Computer Running Windows #

#1 Use the Print Screen Key

All keyboards come with the Print Screen key, so does Dell. This key is usually located on the upper right corner of the keyboard, showing as PrntScrn, PrntScr, or PrtScr. Using the Print Screen key, you will be able to capture your Dell screen easily.

To take a full screenshot in Windows 10:

Usually, you can press the Print Screen key to capture the full screen. Using this way, the screenshot is stored in the system clipboard, therefore you still need to paste it into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Paint, or any other supporting application by pressing the Ctrl + V combination keys.

how to screenshot on Dell computer

To take & save a screenshot in Windows 10:

If you would prefer a more direct way to take and save the screenshot in Windows 10, you could use the Windows + Print Screen keys. This works in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The screenshot image is saved as a PNG file in the Pictures -> Screenshots folder.

All captured files are automatically named by Windows as Screenshot (1).png, Screenshot (2).png, and so forth. Note that the Screenshots folder does not exist until the first time you take and save a screenshot.

image location of Windows key and Print Screen key combination

To take the active screenshot in Windows 10:

On Dell computers, if you prefer to capture the currently active window instead of the full desktop, you could press the Alt + Print Screen keys together. The forefront window is the active window, and you can make a window active by clicking on any part of it.

Using this way, Windows 10 also save the captured image in the system clipboard. As a result, it requires a paste for the same purpose.

Kind remind:

Although most Dell keyboards have a dedicated Print Screen key, on some keyboards, Print Screen is combined with one of the function keys F1 ~ F12. In this case, you need to press the Print Screen + Fn keys at the same time to screenshot on Dell. (Some Lenovo laptops typically have such configurations).  

#2 Use Windows Snipping Tool

If you want to screenshot on PC more flexibility, the Snipping Tool utility is available to help if your PC is running Windows 10/8/7.  

To run the utility, click the Windows logo key and scroll down to find the Windows Accessories folder. Unfold that folder you will find the Snipping Tool. You can also use the search bar to locate that tool quickly. 

where is the Snipping Tool in Windows 10

Tip: For a quick access next time, you can right click on the Spinning Tool and select Pin to Start.

With the Windows 10 Snipping Tool, you can use the Windows cursor to draw a free-form / rectangle / Windows Snip or Full screen-snip shape around an area of the screen you intend. First of all, please ensure you have made the selection under Mode.

After you complete a capture, you will see the display area of the Snipping Tool containing the just captured image. After that, you can use a pen or highlighter tool to make notes and draw attention to certain areas of the image. For unwanted changes, use the eraser tool to remove them. Finally, you will be able to save the screenshot image as a PNG, GIF or JPEG file.

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Bonus: How to Screenshot on Dell Tablet Running Windows #

If you are using a Dell tablet without a keyboard, you can also screenshot the tablet. This requires your tablet device is running Windows 10, and the operation is much more like taking a screenshot on the smartphone.

You can press the Windows logo button and the Volume down button to take a screenshot on a Dell tablet. The screen momentarily dims and then brightens, indicating the capture has taken place. You will be able to find the captured images in the Screenshots folder as PNG files.

how to screenshot on Dell tablet

Above are the tips and tricks on how to take a screenshot on Dell. On the other hand, these tricks also apply to the topic of how to screenshot on Windows. despite the brands. Should you have any questions or suggestions, leave us a comment below.

How to Screenshot on Dell FAQ #

? How do you screenshot on a Dell Windows 10?

Usually, you can screenshot on a Dell computer by hitting the PrtScr key. Also, you can use the Windows 10 Snipping Tool or another third-party screenshot tool to capture Windows 10.

? What is the shortcut to taking a screenshot on a PC?

To simply capture the screen, press the PrtScr key; to screenshot and save the image, use Win + PrtScr shortcut keys; to screenshot the active window, press Alt + PrtScr shortcut keys.

? Where is the PrtScn button?

The PrtScn/PrntScrn/Print Scr button is usually located in the upper right area of the keyboard, between the F12 and Scroll Lock buttons.

? Why can’t I take a screenshot on Windows 10?

The Print Screen not working issue is likely to be caused by F Mode or F Lock Key. Check out if you have such keys. Press the F Mode key or F Lock key again to release the Print Screen key for capture purposes.