How to Run CMD as Administrator – You Get 3 Options

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How to Run CMD as Administrator – You Get 3 Options
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The Command Prompt (CMD) is most commonly used to execute entered commands. Most of these commands automate tasks via scripts and batch files to perform advanced administrative operations. Using CMD, users are able to troubleshoot a lot of Windows issues, view computer information, and manage hard drives.

CMD can be found through Windows Search. Most of the time, you can use CMD as a regular user. Sometimes, to run commands that requires administrator privilege, you will have to run CMD as administrator.

How to run CMD as admin? Here is the easy guide.

3 ways to run CMD as administrator in Windows 10 #

From Windows Start Menu

Windows Strat menu is a place where we access the most commonly used features. Right click on the Windows Start icon and then you are able to see the option “Command Prompt (Admin)”. Or you can also press Win + X to called out this menu. Go ahead to select it and then you are in CMD with Administrator privilege.

run CMD ad admin from Windows start menu
the main interface of CMD

Command Prompt missing from Windows 10 start menu?

Some users noticed that they were unable to find any Command Prompt option from the Start menu of Windows 10. However, without Command Prompt, they discovered a similar option called Windows PowerShell. In fact, you can customize the Start button in Settings.

Go to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar. Then determine if you prefer Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell to appear there.

set Command Prompt or PowerShell to appear in the Start menu

Go to Windows Search

Windows Search is very user friendly since it allows users to find Windows features without having to follow the regular path.

Press Win + Q to launch the Search box. Then type “CMD” and you will see the corresponding program listed under the best match. Click “Run as administrator” then.

run CMD as admin from Windows Search

Tip: in Windows 7, you need to right click on the best match and then choose “Run as administrator.”

Use the RUN box

If you are more used to running applications through the RUN box, then you can do the followings:

Press Win + R to invoke the RUN box. Then type “CMD” and press “Ctrl + Shift + Enter”.

run CMD as admin in the RUN BOX

Hope this was helpful as you begin to use Command Prompt to troubleshoot many issues. Any questions, feel free to give us feedbacks. 

Here you got 3 ways to run CMD as administrator!