How to Find Your Computer Specs Windows 10 [System & Hardware]

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How to Find Your Computer Specs Windows 10 [System & Hardware]
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What Operating System Do I Have? #

“What operating system am I running? How to check Windows version?”

Here are 2 easy approaches for you:

Way 1: View System Info

Press the Windows logo key and X key to call out the power user menu.

From that menu, select System > About. (Or you can also go for Settings > System > About.)

You will see your Windows specifications on the right panel.

view system information

Way 2: Run Winver

How to check Windows 10 version more directly?

Press Windows logo key and the R key to invoke the Run dialog box. In that search box type “WINVER” and hit Enter key.

See! Here is your Windows edition & version & build information.

run winver to see what operating system you are running

Do I Have 32 or 64 Bit? #

How to tell if your computer is 32 or 64 bit on Windows 10?

Easy! Right-click on This PC and then choose Properties. From the new pop-up window, you will see detailed information on whether you are running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 10.

view Windows 10 system bit

What CPU Do I Have? #

“What Processor Do I Have?”

If you are wondering what CPU (central processing unit) you are using, you can launch the Windows Task Manager, switch to Performance to have an overview as follow.

view what CPU you are using

What GPU Do I Have? #

To find out what GPU (graphics processing unit) you have, follow the steps below:

Press the Windows logo key and X key to call out the power user menu. Then choose Device Manager from the menu.

Next, drop down the Display Adapters to check what GPU you are having.

view what GPU you have

What Motherboard Do I Have? #

“What kind of motherboard do I have?” If you are trying to find out this, you can follow this easy guide:

In the Windows search bar, type “system information” and view the result from the best match. Navigate to the exact one and then run it.

open system information

In the new appearing window, scroll down the right panel to find the Baseboard-related information which indicates what motherboard you are having.

view your motherboard information

How Much RAM Do I Have? #

Also, in the Windows Search bar, type “view ram info” and open the best match result.

Now your system information is loaded. Scroll down to find the Installed RAM and you know how much RAM you have.

see how much ram you have

How Much Storage Do I Have? #

To find out how much storage you have on Windows 10, just go to the Windows power user menu and then select Settings > System > Storage.

Next, scroll down to find and click View storage usage on other drives.

view the storage space on other drives

Here is the detailed information on how much storage has been used and how much is left. To manage files saved in each drive, double click that drive to investigate storage usage and manage.

detailed storage space on other drives

Good to Know: How to Check Full Computer Specs Windows 10 #

In fact, you don’t need to go to so many places to view your computer specifications. Windows tells all you want to know in two locations, and they are System Information and Direct Diagnostic Tool.

#1: Run Msinfo32 to load System Information

Press the Windows logo key and R to call out the Run dialog box. Then type “MSINFO32” and hit OK. Then you will see the complete system information and hardware information on your Windows 10.

run msinfo32 to view computer specs

#2: Run Dxdiag to load Direct Diagnostic Tool

Press the Windows logo key and R to invoke the Run dialog box. Then type “DXDIAG” and hit OK to get the main interface.

run dxdiag to view system information
Here is the collections on how to find your computer specifications. You will know what CPU/GPU/motherboard you are using and how much ram and storage you still have. Don’t hesitate to have a try!