10 Best Driver Updater for Windows (Free & Paid) – 2021 Update

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10 Best Driver Updater for Windows (Free & Paid) – 2021 Update
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Today a good driver updater is very useful as it can always get your computer drivers up-to-date and helps resolves all kinds your computer issues. Some driver updater software even comes with more functions to keep your computer clean and smooth.

We are to share some of the best driver update programs on the market with you.  

Pc Magazine Editor’s choice – Driver Booster #

IObit Driver Booster is a full-featured driver updater. We make it our top choice not only because it helps fix/update drivers but also helps optimize your system hence boost your computer performance, especially for gamers.

The free version is good enough to deal with the common driver updates and its operation is rather simple. Click the big SCAN button and in minutes you will see all drivers listed that need an update. Accept Driver Booster’s advice and then all is done. IObit Driver Booster also grants automatic and schedule drive updates in Settings to free your hands.

For more advanced features like device error fix, offline driver download, and unlimited driver install, you are expected to upgrade to the paid edition.

IObit Driver Booster

List of Best Driver Update Software #

Here is the full list for a more flexible and reliable choice.

ToolsFeaturesFree/Trial AvailableRating
Driver Booster  1. Support 4,500,000+ drivers.
2. Scan and update drivers automatically.
3. Offer divers pass Microsoft WHQL test.
4. Backup and restore drives.
5. Fix device & network issues.
6. Remove unnecessary files and improve system performance.  
Driver Easy  1. Automatic detection and update.
2. Offline scanning.
3. Provide verified drivers.  
Driver Talent  1. Install best match drivers.
2. Fix driver issues.
3. Backup and restore drivers.
4. Transfer drivers for another PC.  
DriverMax  1. Automatic downloads.
2. Multiple driver downloads.
3. Regular checks.  
DriverFinder  1. Supports both plugged and unplugged devices.
2. Support 1,000,000+ drivers.
3. Backup and restore drivers.  
Avast Driver Updater  1. Automatic detect and update.
2. Backup and restore drivers.
3. Low resource consuming.  
Bit Driver Updater  1. One-click driver update.
2. Backup and restore drivers.
3. Enhance system performance.  
Device Doctor  1. Automatic scan and update drivers.
2. Backup and restore drivers.
3. Uninstall programs and register.
4. Boost Windows startup speed.  
Driver Genius    1. Automatic driver scan and update.
2. Support 1,500,000+ drivers.
3. Improve system performance.
4. Hardware monitoring  
DRIVERFIX    1. Automatic driver scan and update.
2. Automatic driver backups for restoration.  

#1. IObit Driver Booster #

Driver Booster free update drivers

IObit Driver Booster is one of the best automatic Windows driver updaters. Simply put, IObit Driver Booster offers more than 4,500,000 safe drivers passing the Microsoft WHQL test and IObit Review test. This is a one-click driver update and fixes software that you can rely on to keep your computer and devices connected are equipped with the most recent drivers.

Driver Booster also comes with the ability to optimize your operating system and boost your games. While Driver Booster Pro is more regarded as the best driver update tool, its free edition can satisfy most of your common needs hence it deserves your trying.

  • Free for normal driver update.
  • Over 4.5 million database that pass Windows WHQL test.
  • Automatic and scheduled scanning and updating.
  • Backup and restore drivers in case of any accidents.
  • Enhance computer performance.
  • Ease of use.
  • Comes with ads at the bottom.

Verdict: Best driver update software for Windows users to deal with all drivers issues in simple clicks.

#2. Driver Easy #

Driver Easy update your drivers easily

Driver Easy has a clean interface for operations. First of all, you see the location to scan your devices and then you decide to update or not. Driver Easy also shows the detailed information of your computer hardware including system, operating, motherboard, memory, etc. In the lower part, it offers more useful tools to backup, restore and uninstall drivers.

As its name suggests, it is indeed very easy to use and user-friendly. Hence, we rate Driver Easy as another one of the safest driver updaters.

  • Automatically download driver updates.
  • Massive drivers included.
  • Offline scanning.
  • The free edition is much limited.

Verdict: Best for average users with an intuitive user interface and a set of necessary features.

#3. Driver Talent #

Driver Talent scanning driver status

Driver Talent is another completely free driver updater. This program can detect outdated or corrupt drivers so that you don’t have to find them one by one manually. Drive Talent also comes with features that you can expect from such kind of software. For instance, you can backup, restore or reinstall drivers, go for offline install, or download drivers for another PC. You can also use this tool to enhance your gaming experience.

  • Automatic scan at startup.
  • Fast downloading and installing.
  • Backup drivers before update and uninstallation.
  • Offline install.
  • No schedule plans.
  • Multiple ads inserted.

Verdict: Best for those who have additional requirements on device drivers on multiple computers.

#4. DriverMax #

DriverMax update drivers

We highly recommend DriverMax because this is a good choice for the green hands. The horizontal menu displays the functions clearly that you won’t have any issue on how to update drivers using this tool. What we also like is that this driver update software also enables to create of a system restore point in case of any accidents. You are also allowed to set up a schedule for driver checks and updates.

  • Very clean interface.
  • Create a system restore point or driver backup for computer revert.
  • Automatic check at startup and update.
  • Lack of relative features compared to its similar.
  • Free edition allows only 2 updates per day.

Verdict: Best for average users to manage computer device drivers.

#5. DriverFinder #

DriverFinder lists all your device information

DriverFinder aims to offer Windows users direct wayfinding outdated/broken drivers and let them update. If you are looking for a way to detect the drivers to be updated, this tiny tool is a good choice for you. We like that the main features of the software are simply divided into 3 parts and they are Scan, Backup, and Restore. There are no additional supplementary functions, it just focuses on driver update.

  • Show the details of your system and devices.
  • Backup and restore drivers in case of any accidents.
  • Ease of use.
  • The Trial edition only show scan results but cannot update drivers.
  • No automatic or schedule plan setup.

Verdict: Best for those who only want to manage device drivers easily.

#6. Driver Genius #

Driver Genius finds you available updates

Driver Genius is also a good choice for your driver fix and update. For a safe driver update, it enables backup and restoration. For system optimization, it gives you more choices like speeding SSD, boosting system, and system cleaner. One defect of this program is that it does not keep the record of your scanning result as long as you leave the Driver Update tab.

  • Quickly scan and update device drivers.
  • Backup and restores drivers for disaster recovery.
  • Remove invalid driver packages to release disk space.
  • A bunch of useful toolkit for system optimization.
  • The scan result won’t be saved if you leave the Scan page.
  • No guarantees of OEM resources.

Verdict: Best for professional users to manage computer and device drivers in all aspects.

#7. Avast Driver Updater #

Avast Driver Update

Avast Driver Update has an elegant interface, with a driver update feature only. Using this program, we found that it will keep two copies of the driver for restoration purposes. That is to say, you can revert a driver to the former version once you want the reversion. Despite that Avast Driver Update is too simple to some degree, it is the best choice for a one-click driver update.

  • One-click scan and update.
  • Automatically store a backup of previous driver versions for restoration.
  • The lack of more feature makes this good driver updater less competitive.

Verdict: Best for driver check and update intention only.

#8. Bit Driver Updater #

Bit Driver Updater

Bit Driver Updater is also favored by most users because of its intuitive interface and fast scanning, downloading and installing speed. What we don’t like is that this program is too promotional and you will see the buy/upgrade option all through its interface. In short, if you intend to pay for a driver update software that is professional, it deserves your trying.

  • Very clean & clear interface.
  • One-click update.
  • Fast scanning speed and quick download & install.
  • Annoying pop-up window and promotion on software subscription.
  • The Free edition only allows one driver update at a time.

Verdict: Best for users to install drivers passing the Microsoft WHQL test.

#9. Device Doctor #

Device Doctor found some drivers to update

Device Doctor can quickly check your PC and devices for driver updates. Using the freeware, you can fix all driver issues detected. The paid edition of this program enables driver backup, driver restore, as well as schedule your driver update plans. In the toolbox, it gives you more options to enhance your computer startup performance and uninstall programs totally.

  • Backup drivers before update.
  • Boost Windows Startup speed by removing unnecessary programs from startup.
  • Uninstall programs completely.
  • Free up disk space by removing driver cache files.
  • The scan result won’t be saved if you leave the Scan page.
  • No extra supplementary features provided such as uninstall drivers & download drivers for another PC.

Verdict: Best for ease of use.


Driver Booster free update drivers

DRIVERFIX is a tiny Windows driver updater that focuses on driver update. Using this program, you are able to scan your computer for missing/corrupt/outdated drivers and then make the update. What we like is the simple interface and easy operation. However, this driver update program lacks the additional features you can find from the best driver update software listed at the top like IObit Driver Booster.

  • Search for outdated drivers and automatic update.
  • Locate downloaded files.
  • Automatic driver backups for restoration.
  • No other diagnostic features included.
  • Automatic install needs your registration.

Verdict: Best for users to focus on driver update only.

What is the best free driver update software? Give a try on the listed Windows driver updater and you know which one suits you best. twitter.com