How Do I Change YouTube to Desktop Mode on Windows 10?

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How Do I Change YouTube to Desktop Mode on Windows 10?
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“When I use Firefox to visit, it thinks my desktop PC is a mobile ‘phone, and transfers me to – how can I re-educate it?”

Does YouTube keep displaying a mobile-type layout on Windows 10? Today I will tell you how to change YouTube to desktop option and then how to switch YouTube to mobile mode also. You will find it too easy.

How to Change YouTube to Desktop Version #

1.  When you are stuck in, click on the profile of your account.

click your profile

2. Scroll down to find the Desktop option. Don’t hesitate to click on it.

switch to Desktop

3. See! You are on desktop mode ( now.

the desktop mode of YouTube

How to Change YouTube to Mobile Mode #

If you would like to go back to the mobile mode, you just follow this way:

Open any video on the desktop mode of YouTube. Then add /&app=m&persist_app=1 at the end of that video URL. Finally, press the Enter key.

add parameter to turn YouTube desktop mode to mobile mode

All is done! You are now back to the mobile mode of YouTube.

YouTube turns into the mobile mode

Hope this helps solve your trouble. Share the tricks with your friends!

Tricks on how to get out of YouTube mobile mode & how to change YouTube from desktop mode to mobile mode!