How to Fix Black Screen of Death on Windows 10 [Ultimate Guide]

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How to Fix Black Screen of Death on Windows 10 [Ultimate Guide]
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The black screen error of death always appears on Windows 10 computers at random. This error is generally caused by a software glitch, which can be incomplete by unfinished windows updates, Windows installations, or driver issues.

When a computer is stuck with a black screen for a while, it indicates crucial system errors and will lead to system failure.

Fortunately, almost all black screen errors can be fixed without much effort. If you are having trouble with the black screen, you can repair it in most following cases.

Tip: Before you start to fix, please take care that the display is working properly.

Fix 1. Restart Your Computer #

  1. Since your Windows does not loading into the desktop, you need to force shut down the computer by pressing the power button. If your computer gives no response, hold the button for a few more seconds.
  2. Disconnect all the peripherals and then reconnect. These could be your ethernet cable, wireless adapter, power cord, etc.
  3. Reconnect the above and then restart your computer. Make sure that both ends of your Display Port cable is firmly seated.

Fix 2. Fix Black Screen with Cursor #

Usually, a black screen comes with a white mouse cursor. In this case, you can try to do some changes to the black screen. Be careful for these should require more patience and experience as you are unable to view your operations on the screen.

  1. Press the Spacebar and Ctrl.
  2. Be very careful to enter your login password. This may lead to your desktop.
  3. If not, press Windows logo key and the Down arrow key for twice. Check if this removes Windows 10 black screen.

Fix 3. Fix Black Screen without Cursor #

Booting into the Safe Mode is helpful to troubleshoot black screen errors on Windows 10.

First of all, you need to get into the Safe Mode:

If you have a Windows repair drive, it would be easier. you just set your computer to boot from that recovery drive in the BIOS. If no Windows bootable media is available, you can power on your Windows 10 and force it to shut down once you say the Windows logo. Repeat this operation 3 times and then you are in the diagnostics mode.

  1. Click Advanced Options -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options to continue.
  2. Click Startup Settings -> Restart.
  3. Press the number key 4 or 5. This will start your Windows 10 in Safe Mode.
  4. Sign in with your account info.
  5. Press the Windows logo key and X to bring up the power user menu. Then choose Device Manager from the menu.
  6. Expand the Display Adaptor, find and disable your display drive from the context menu.
  7. Now restart your computer and check if it can load the desktop this time.
  8. If disabling display driver fix Windows black screen, you need to check Windows update or visit the manufacture’s website to obtain the latest driver.
disable your display adapter in the safe mode

Another tip is to run SFC in the Safe Mode, which requires a network connection. Then run CMD as administrator. In the command prompt window, perform sfc/scannow. When CMD completes, restart your computer.

check for system file error

Fix 4. Fix Black Screen after Update #

If your Windows 10 receives a black screen after a Windows Update, you can try to change the Windows Project blindly.

  1. Press Windows logo key and P to load the Project even though you are unable to view.
  2. Now press the Up and Down keys a few times to switch and then press Enter.
  3. If this helps, your screen will appear.
change Windows Project

Fix 5. Fix Black Screen after Sleep #

If you have too many apps to awake, this could also lead to short-time black screen Windows 10. To get rid of this issue, disable Windows 10 Fast Startup.

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Power Options -> Choose what the power button does (located in the left panel).
  2. Select Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  3. Disable the option Turn on fast startup (recommended) and click Save Changes.
disable Windows 10 fast startup

Fix 6. Identify and Prevent Overheating #

All running computers generate heat. And if a computer is running overheat, Windows black screen errors may arouse. To identify, open the computer and start with some cleaning job.

  1. Check and clean the Fans. Whenever you feel the hot air or not, open up the machine and blow out the dust with some compressed air or a cleaning brush. If the fan has broken down, you will have to make the replacement.
  2. Elevate your laptop. For laptops, overheating can be caused by inadequate ventilation under the bottom. So, it is better for you to acquire a laptop cooling mat to provide enough standard ventilation under your computer.
  3. Controlling the fan speeds. When your fan is running at full speed, it brings the CPU to generate more heat. You can reduce the fan speed by using some fan speed control programs.
  4. Avoid intense processes. Avoid using too much processes or intense process at one time, for these will bring your CPU heavy load. As a result, the CPU will start getting hotter and increase fan speeds.
  5. Keep your laptop out of the heat. High temperatures may cause computer overheating due to an expansion of hard drive and battery damage. So, always keep your computer far from sunlight, or any other environment with high temperature.
keep your computer from overheating

Fix 7. Reinstall Windows #

Finally, if all of the above won’t help to resolve black screen Windows 10, you will have to reinstall. To do this, you need to:

  1. Prepare a Windows 10 installation media which can be a USB or a CD/DVD. The Windows Media Creation Tool is a good assistant in doing this job.
  2. Got to BIOS and set to boot from the installation media.
  3. Go through the language, time and keyboard option and choose Install now.
  4. Follow the wizard to finish the following job.
reinstall Windows 10
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If you are still having trouble getting rid of the Windows 10 black screen after trying all the solutions, you can leave a comment below or join the Windows community to ask for help.